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Kristina Bentle

Bridging Science & Healing

Transforming lives through science-backed, trauma-informed education & advocacy.

Exposing the Missing Pieces of Holistic Healing

Becoming a Trauma Thriver

Language holds immense power, and I used to identify strongly as a trauma survivor.

Today, I am a trauma thriver—a person who is not only surviving but living a full, happy, and (nearly) trigger-free life.

The term survivor usually implies that someone is merely managing to exist. On the other hand, the term warrior suggests a constant fight against adversities.

It’s time to rethink trauma, trauma healing, and wellness strategies. By promoting a compassionate approach to trauma, we empower individuals and transform communities, fostering healthier and more supportive environments for all.

Empowering Journeys to Wholeness

The Science of Trauma Healing

Holistic Trauma Reset™

The Holistic Trauma Reset™ is a comprehensive approach to trauma recovery based on the principles of healing science.

Our method incorporates somatic healing, neuroplasticity, and cognitive reprogramming. These powerful components form a solid foundation for a more complete approach to wellness, healing, and happiness.

Kristina Bentle

I bring a unique blend of academic passion and real-world experience to trauma-informed education. With two decades in corporate marketing, working for Fortune 50 companies and startups, I’ve honed my skills in communication, leadership, and L&D (Learning & Development).

As a leader and mentor, I have successfully guided teams to success and growth. Combined with my experience speaking to large audiences and teaching diverse groups, I now focus on leveraging this expertise to foster understanding and promote meaningful change.

My personal struggles with trauma and trauma healing within a flawed system sparked my interest in neuroscience and trauma healing. I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Neuroscience and Trauma to become an advocate for change, and I plan to start my Ph.D. early in 2025. 

My goal is to bridge scientific research with practical solutions to transform how trauma is addressed and treated in businesses, education, and medical care.

Empowering change, together, one step at a time.

Let's work together

I work with individuals and businesses, providing evidence-based practices and a compassionate approach to healing. We can transform lives and create a more trauma-informed world one step at a time.

What people are saying...

“Thank you for everything. Thank you for helping me keep my little girl’s safe, and helping me heal so that I can be the best possible mom for them.”


“Thank you for speaking out, sharing, and educating us. I’m a trauma survivor and need this information, and I’m so grateful to you.”


“Thank you, Kristina, for all of your encouragement and enlightenment. As someone who has done a lot of healing, I can identify with so much of this. I feel seen, and I can’t thank you enough.”


“Thank you for speaking up. I stayed quiet for 50 years, and it nearly killed me. Your lessons are helping so many.”


“Your messages are full of so much powerful information. You won’t believe how much this has already positively impacted me. THANK YOU!!”


“In such a short period of time, you have helped me so much. Thank you so much for everything you are doing.”


Let's work together